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Availability is really important to our patients. That’s why Dr. Mehring makes a point to be accessible after-hours and remotely.

Telehealth Appointments

Dr. Mehring likes to stay in touch with her patients and telemedicine visits make it even more convenient. Without leaving the comfort of your home, teledentistry allows us to provide a wide range of services and check on our patients.

Of course, tele-visits can’t replace in-office visits for all types of dental work, but it can be use effectively for:

  • Follow-ups
  • To assess pain and discuss symptoms
  • Give instructions before a procedure
  • Consultations and second opinions
  • Emergency support
Woman with a toothache discusses diagnosis with dentist online
Mouth with a chipped tooth

After-Hours Availability

We understand that dental emergencies don’t always happen during business hours, so Dr. Mehring aims to be as available as possible for patients that need assistance after-hours.

For an emergency consultation or for urgent care, you can contact the dentist using the phone number listed here:

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